Yet again with an entry in the Busworld 2017 trade fair in Kontrijk (Hall 4, Booth 439), the AURORA Group will present its newest product designs, and with that a small portion of their entire product portfolio. At the show, AURORA will feature the concept of “Efficiency for Comfort – e4c” to demonstrate how AURORA bundles design and engineering competences together with innovative solutions for overall thermal comfort in buses, coaches, trains, and specialty vehicles.

Energy efficient solution for heating and air conditioning of electric-powered buses

Under the direction of HEAVAC, the AURORA group designed an integrated system for the heating and air conditioning of electric-powered buses which reduces the energy requirement for heating at -15°C by approximately 60%. Once installed, this heat pump rids the vehicle of various difficulties associated with heating such as a demand for energy up to three times the operation energy, and without downgrading the efficiency at high outside temperatures. The system works up and unto external temperatures of 45°C and outperforms the requirements of the VDV (Vebrand Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen / Association of German Transport Companies).

The system is constructed with a modular design. The heat pump module “Borealis” lays at the heart of the design. The heat transfer occurs over the module on top of, or inside, the roof (Device family “Riga”), on the side walls (“Puma”), at the entrance (“Teddy”), and in the driver compartment (various front box finishes). The brain of the design is the controlling and timing thanks to the electronics AraneA2, with which the CAN node of the HVAC system connects across a proprietary CAN circuit, in order to not burden the automotive CAN. The software is designed in-house and the engineers work on improving the efficiency in operations of individual buses and fleets.

A sale to Sileo/Bozankaya marks the first deal which has implemented this system as a standard in their new generation of automobiles. In Kontrijik, these systems will be presented in 12 meter, 18 meter, and 25 meter automotive machines which are equipped with the Borealis heat pump systems.

New Heating and Air Conditioning System for the driver’s workspace

A new system perfect for the recreational vehicles from the American producer REV has been adapted for use in buses, especially tour buses, with which the efficiency of conventional front boxes could be increased around 35%. Furthermore, in the new system there are predicted to be 5 different choices for ventilation which would then offer an increased comfort in the driver workspace. Already in 2018, the sales numbers at AURORA North America have risen to include more than 2,500 units in various applications.

New AFK Convectors

Another highlight from the Busworld show are the new convectors produced by AFK, which are a part of the AURORA-AFK Product Line. These convectors feature innovative blades, a significantly more optimized heating power, reduced weight thanks to aluminum profiles, and simplified mounting the vehicle. At this time, there are two various types available:

Convector AURORA AF 60 for Specialized Use in both Travel and Mini Buses
Dimensions: 160 mm. x 73 mm or approximately 6.3 in. x 2.87 in.
Heating Power: 700 W/m at Q60
Weight: approx. 2.5 kg/m or 1.6 lbs/ft Convector

AURORA AF 70 for Specialized Use in City Buses
Dimensions: 170 mm. x 100 mm. or approximately 6.7 in. x 3.95 in.
Heating Power: 830 W/m at Q60
Weight: approx. 3.5 kg/m or 2.35lbs./ft.

AURORA PUMA Axial Heat Blower
Heating Power: 2,900 W/m at Q60 and Airflow of 733/m.
The new AURORA PUMA Axial Heat Blower (Heat Generator) compliments and combines with the AURORA AF 70. Underneath a new cover profile, any number of heat blowers can be connected with an array of convectors, and offering varying heating powers for different regions, needs, and desires.

New CAN Bus – AMA Water Valve

The integration of a CAN-bus-node into the motor drive of the CAN-bus-AMA-water valves connects the valve to the consistent data logger of the automobile. With this CAN-bus AMA water valve technology, AURORA can digitally monitor the error log of the automobile.


AURORA is a multinational manufacturer of heating, cooling systems and components which find a purpose in nearly every type of vehicle, both on road and off. AURORA offers various vehicle manufacturers from different branches innovative design solutions – starting with individual components such as blowers, water valves and louvers, all the way to complex, full-automatic heating, cooling systems.

Innovation is a tradition at AURORA. As early as 1930, the founder Konrad G. Schulz was a pioneering designer who delivered heating for busses worldwide. With this innovation, AURORA was born. Since 1989, AURORA exists as a internationally recognized partner of the vehicle industry. AURORA is housed under the roof of INDUS Holding AG in Bensberg, with headquarters in Mudau, and followed by innovation centers in North America, Turkey, and the Netherlands. Worldwide, numerous vehicle manufacturers in many industries trust the quality and reliability of AURORA products. Industries including vehicles for agriculture, construction, mining, military use as well as omnibuses, and special purpose vehicles. |

The bundling of industry competences at individual locations enables a high vertical range of manufacturing in every respective department. Through certifications, the high quality and sustainability of all AURORA products and systems is proven and lasting – certifications like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 across all manufacturing facilities and processes at all locations.

In total approximately 400 employees at 6 locations support the AURORA Group as it markets its systems and products worldwide. In 2016, the turnover of the company amounted to around 50 million Euros.


-- Hannes Wolf, Managing Director of AURORA