The results of BAUMA 2016 surely left jaws dropped and faces in awe. While already old news to some, the Genius Cab continues to make headlines in trade magazines and articles across the globe. In this month's (September 2016) edition of iVT - International Industrial Vehicle Technology Magazine, the Genius Cab makes yet another appearance. Click here to view the Genius Cab in IVT Magazine.

AURORA is very proud of not only the hard work and dedication that went into the Genius Cab, but also for the Team work and Innovation which brought these thirteen companies together. The results of this project have undoubtedly made their mark on several industry segments where the Genius Cab is applicable. In years to come, this cluster will continue to change the Industry, one innovation at a time.

AURORA is honored to have participated in pushing the Cab industry forward. Alongside these thirteen companies and the brilliant minds involved, one can only wonder how we will change the worlds of Construction and Agriculture in decades to come. For more information on the Genius Cab Cluster, its members and our achievements, please visit The Genius Cab Cluster Homepage.