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2/2 Disc Electrical Water Valve with AMA Motor, available in 3, 5, or 6 poles with varied diameters. Connections with different diameters (i.e. 16/22mm) are also available upon request. Compact design with servo motor 12V or 24V for easy adjustment of the heating performance: - 3-pole analog / PWM (electrical Bowden controller), - 5-pole with potentiometer (separate controller necessary), - 6-pole for automatic climate control. High lifetime with more than 120,000 cycles. IP protection IP67 + EMC certificate (EU). Interface to CAN-Bus- / LIN-Bus node (3-pole), and Integrated anti-block protection. This high pressure water valve is approved for Tier 4 Engines. Diameter: 18/18/18 mm Poles: 3 Voltage: 24

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